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LGE Appellate Attorney Robert Eisenberg Obtains Another Great Result for Client

Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg appellate attorney Robert (Bob) Eisenberg successfully argued to the Nevada Supreme Court that a lower court incorrectly awarded attorneys fees and costs to an opposing party after a mistrial was declared and while a motion was pending to disqualify the trial judge. In Debiparshad vs. Eighth Judicial District Court, 137 Nev., […]

Premises Liability in Nevada (slip/trip-and-fall or other accident)

There is a common misconception that when someone is injured on commercial property or any property owned by another, the owner is automatically legally liable for that injury.  This is not always true in Nevada.  When someone is injured on the property of another, the injured person still must prove that the owner was somehow […]

Financing Fido and Money for Mittens

When outlining an estate plan, many individuals’ first thoughts naturally turn to the care and maintenance of their spouse, children, siblings, parents, and friends after they pass away. But what does the law allow for the care and maintenance of our furry companions, if anything? Many would argue that the classification of animals as personal […]

HIPAA, COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace

By Rebecca Bruch, Esq. Long before COVID (do we even remember that?) there has historically been a lot of confusion about what HIPAA means and to whom it applies. There is a mistaken belief by most employees that HIPAA applies to employers, and employees throw around the H-word in a way that causes many employers […]
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Help! My Nevada small business was hacked…

As businesses enjoy increasing efficiency with new technology, one of the downfalls faced by many small businesses is the risk and cost of a security breach to that business’s operations.  Many small businesses use a variety of software and online services to assist their day-to-day activities, and a security breach can impose significant costs from […]

Public Policy Encourages Reinsurers to “Follow the Fortunes” of a Settlement when Payment is Reasonably Within Policy Terms

Reinsurers provide an additional layer of protection to an insured who may need insurance coverage that goes beyond the insured’s first layer of liability protection. Occasionally, a reinsurer may passively wait for the outcome of a settlement that an insured may have with a claimant that exceeds the insured’s first layer of liability protection. In […]

Is your case appropriate for inclusion into the Court Annexed Arbitration Program?

It is no secret that the cost of taking a civil matter through a jury trial is an expensive endeavor for the parties involved. Often, the amount in controversy in the litigation does not justify spending more in attorney’s fees and costs than the amount a litigant sought to recover. Although litigating a civil matter […]

Vaccinations and Religious Accommodations

By Rebecca Bruch, Esq. We keep hoping we’re going to wake up tomorrow and find out that COVID was just a bad dream or a story from a land far, far away, and long, long ago. Alas, we can hold out hope,  but in the meantime, those of you who live in the day-to-day world […]

Guardians of minor children in Nevada – who takes care of my child after I pass?

Many young families overlook planning for future contingencies, such as who will care for their minor children upon both parents passing.  In the event both parents pass away and leave minor children, the minor child will need a guardian over his or her person and estate.  This process is set out by NRS Chapter 159A.  […]