Guardians of minor children in Nevada – who takes care of my child after I pass?

Many young families overlook planning for future contingencies, such as who will care for their minor children upon both parents passing.  In the event both parents pass away and leave minor children, the minor child will need a guardian over his or her person and estate.  This process is set out by NRS Chapter 159A.  […]
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Dane Littlefield is Now an Equity Law Partner of LGE

Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg is pleased to announce that attorney Dane Littlefield is now an equity law partner with the firm. Dane is a lifelong resident of Washoe County with deep family roots in Nevada. Dane graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice in 2011. Dane […]

New Legislation Aims to Prevent Wildfires

The plumes of smoke looming over the Truckee Meadows are an annual reminder of the persistent threat wildfires pose to private and public property, livelihoods, and lives across the western United States. Recognizing the inherent danger presented by more frequent catastrophic wildfires, the 81st Session of the Nevada Legislature passed two important bills intended to […]

Just When We Saw a Light at the End of the Tunnel… The Delta Variant

By Rebecca Bruch, Esq. You all may recall the last time I posted a blog in June, I was very optimistic, and assumed the worst of COVID was behind us. I was advising you all about the new legal requirements to rehire hospitality workers to their old jobs at their previous pay. Unfortunately, like all […]

What’s the difference between a trust and a will?

When planning for their future, many clients are unsure whether a trust or a will is the best option for their estate planning needs.  Is a trust or a will better?  Each are both important tools when planning your estate, but they differ significantly. One of the biggest differences is the effective date of each […]

Access to Courts Continues as Adapting Remains Key to Access to Justice

Most people are presumably disappointed that we must still contend with the COVID-19 pandemic as this ongoing public health crisis keeps interfering with our lives in many different ways that are too many to count. However, contend we must. Excellent examples of the tremendous effort that has been made to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic […]

A River Runs Through Private Property

For many Nevadans and tourists visiting the area, summer involves recreating in one of the many bodies of water located throughout northern Nevada.  Access to public waterways within our state can, often-times, be problematic when access points intersect at or are near private property. In Nevada, the state holds the banks and beds of navigable […]

Homeowners Association Rights and Responsibilities

Understanding a homeowners association’s rights and its responsibilities to the owners of the individual lots or units in the community can be complex. In Nevada, those rights and responsibilities are governed by the Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (NRS Chapter 116), as well as the association’s governing documents (usually its corporate bylaws and its declaration […]

Thoughts on Lawyers Communicating Better

Effective communication occurs when both a client and an attorney listen to and understand each other. This requires a balance between talking and listening that is not achieved in every conversation.  There are legions of books, articles, broadcasts, seminars, and programs designed to improve the effectives of direct communication. While the following list is not […]