Sarah M. Molleck presents “Behavioral Decision-Making”

LGE attorney Sarah M. Molleck presented at the State Bar of Nevada’s CLE, “Ethics Year in Review” on December 11, 2019.  The CLE was organized and presented by members of the Standing Committee of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, of which Ms. Molleck is a member.  Ms. Molleck presented one of four segments as part of […]

WCBA Honors Robert L. Eisenberg

LGE attorney Robert L. Eisenberg was honored on December 11, 2019 by the Washoe County Bar Association for entering his 40th year of practice as a Nevada attorney.  Mr. Eisenberg joined twenty-one other attorneys who all received awards for forty years of practice and ten years of active membership with the Washoe County Bar Association. […]

Nevada CLE Affirmation Requirement

The State Bar of Nevada has added a new requirement to its yearly Continuing Legal Education for attorneys.  Specifically, each active attorney member licensed in Nevada will be required to submit an “Affirmation of Attendance and Compliance with Mandatory CLE Requirements,” which must be submitted at the Nevada CLE Board’s website. Regulation 11 of the […]

Making the Right Move to Nevada

Many businesses from other states have, or plan on, relocating to Nevada. Our experience with such clients is that they have determined that Nevada provides a more business friendly climate, growing economic opportunity, and superior quality of life for both business owners and employees. The most popular business entity formed in Nevada is a Limited […]

Just, Speedy, and Inexpensive Determinations: The Nevada Short Trial Program

What is a Short Trial? “‘[S]hort trial’ means a trial that is conducted, with the consent of the parties to the action, in accordance with procedures designed to limit the length of the trial, including, without limitation, restrictions on the amount of discovery requested by each party, the use of a jury composed of not […]

Navigating ADR: The Court-Annexed Arbitration Program

What is Arbitration? Arbitration is a legal process where a neutral person, the arbitrator, hears facts and arguments by two opposing sides and renders a decision.  Nevada has adopted a series of rules, the Rules Governing Alternative Dispute Resolution, that requires certain courts like the Second Judicial District Court, to participate in the Court-Annexed Arbitration […]

Lemons and Eisenberg Awarded “Best Lawyers”

U.S. News and World Report has released its rankings of Best Lawyers in America (2020 Edition), recognizing firm partners Edward J. Lemons and Robert L. Eisenberg.  Mr. Eisenberg has enjoyed a “Best Lawyers” ranking in appellate practice since 2007.  This year, he was also recognized as a “Best Lawyer” in the category “Bet-the-Company” litigation, which […]

Title Insurance, Part 2: how to value equity to determine a “covered loss”

You’re a lender who has agreed to finance a construction or land development project via a mezzanine, or “bridge” loan secured by a deed of trust on the property.  Your lien is junior to the senior lender, whose loan is also secured by a deed of trust on the property.  The project stalls and fails […]

Title Insurance, Part 1: what is a “covered loss”?

So, you’ve agreed to finance a construction or land development project.  You secure your loan with a deed of trust on the property.  Down the road, the project exceeds budget and the general contractor and subcontractors assert mechanic’s liens against the property to get paid. Construction on the property slows to a halt and the […]

LGE Attorney Appointed to Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Ethics

LGE lawyer Sarah M. Molleck has been appointed to the State Bar of Nevada’s Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Ethics for a two-year term.  The purpose of the committee is to “prevent harm to the public from the unethical practice of law…and to provide a clear and timely understanding of the ethics of practicing […]