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  • Litigation

    Business, Insurance, Malpractice, Employment, Personal injury, and Appeals.

      • Business & Commercial Litigation
        Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg has a long history of representing businesses and professionals throughout the State of Nevada. From representing land developers, banks, and casinos, to small businesses, sole proprietorships, and professional corporations, the firm has a broad range of experience, and our lawyers are fully capable to handle your litigation needs. We bring a pragmatic sense of problem-solving in order to represent you efficiently.

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      • Insurance
        Our firm prides itself on extensive insurance defense and insurance coverage practice. We have represented hundreds of insurance companies and their insureds in virtually every type of first-party and third-party case. Our insurance defense practice includes defending insureds in cases involving professional liability, personal injuries, property damage, product liability, premises liability, construction defect litigation, and virtually every other category of third-party litigation. We have extensive experience providing insurance coverage opinions to insurance companies, as well as representing insurance companies in first-party coverage litigation, bad faith cases, and other insurance-related cases.

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      • Professional Malpractice Litigation
        From doctors, dentists, and nurses to attorneys and accountants, our firm’s reputation for defense verdicts makes Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg the premier choice in Nevada when your professional reputation is on the line. We have defended hundreds of malpractice claims against a variety of professionals including doctors, lawyers and dentists, with countless defense verdicts and successful results for our clients. We provide dedicated representation that reflects the sensitive situation our clients experience when faced with a malpractice claim.

        Members who practice in Professional Malpractice Litigation

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      • Construction Defect & Mechanic’s Liens
        Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg has extensive experience in construction litigation, ranging from representing commercial property owners in high-rise building projects to governmental entities in bid award disputes. We also represent developers, subcontractors, and homeowners in NRS Chapter 40 construction defect litigation. Members of our firm have testified at legislative hearings on how to improve Nevada’s statutory scheme. We are well versed in this field of law to represent a variety of clients in the different types of litigation that may arise from construction projects.

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      • Employment Litigation
        We successfully defend employers and employees in a full-range of employment and workplace related issues, from investigating misconduct and harassment claims to bringing or defending claims of wrongful termination to sexual harassment, retaliation, discrimination and grievance proceedings. From private companies to municipalities, we provide a thorough and dedicated defense, whether the matter is in state or federal trial or appellate court or still in the administrative phase before the Nevada Equal Rights Commission or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, both in the investigative phase and in mediating claims of discrimination. We also provide guidance to employers on a variety of employment matters here.

        Members who practice in Employment Litigation

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      • Real Estate and Property
        Our firm has an established history of successfully litigating disputes for our clients in the State of Nevada that involve breach of contract, development, evictions, financing, foreclosures, landlord-tenant, leases, mechanic’s liens, purchase, title disputes, sales and trust deeds. We also have extensive experience in transactional matters involving real estate and property.

        Members who practice in Real Estate and Property

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      • Transportation & Trucking
        As a primary practice area in our firm, we have a long and successful history of litigating cases involving commercial transportation. The variety of such cases that usually arise from quite serious accidents with significant injuries and damages has included single to multi-engine aircraft, 180-ton mining haul trucks, buses, trains, and tractor trailers. The experience we have gained by defending and winning at trials involving serious multiple fatality accidents has provided valuable insight in forming successful strategies to protect essential industries that are too often taken for granted, and frequently disliked, by jurors. We have also been able to assist our clients in resolving administrative issues that are unique to the transportation industry.

        Members who practice in Transportation & Trucking

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      • Appeals & Appellate
        o Our reputation is backed by the success of our firm in appellate courts at both the state and federal level. Our appellate attorneys have served a judicial law clerks or staff attorneys for the Nevada Supreme Court and Nevada district courts. Our appellate lawyers have filed hundreds of briefs in the Nevada Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and other appellate courts. We have also presented hundreds of oral arguments before various appellate courts. As part of our appellate practice, and to maximize the likelihood of success in potential appeals, we are frequently asked to give behind-the-scenes appellate advice on pretrial motions and trial preparation. We also attend trials as appellate advisors and we assist with post-trial matters.

        Members who practice in Appeals & Appellate

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      • Mediation & Arbitration
        As a compliment to our litigation practice, attorneys in our firm frequently serve as mediators and arbitrators. Our experience as neutrals in alternative dispute resolution includes mediations and arbitrations in tort cases, commercial disputes, real estate, professional malpractice cases, and virtually any other type of legal dispute. Our attorneys serve as mediators and arbitrators at all stages, including disputes that can be resolved prior to filing of lawsuits, cases that can be resolved while litigation is pending at the trial court level, and cases that are on appeal.

        Members who practice in Mediation & Arbitration

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      • Civil Rights
        Part of our expansive practice at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg includes state and federal constitutional issues. We have obtained verdicts and judgments on behalf of our clients, both at the trial and appellate level, in cases involving civil rights claims arising under 42 USC § 1983 (First Amendment, Eighth Amendment), excessive force, and police liability. Our clients have included the State of Nevada, as well as counties, cities and constitutional officers within the state.

        Members who practice in Civil Rights

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      • Government & Municipality Defense
        Some of our most important cases have involved representing government entities or public officials in the State of Nevada. We bring experience and proficient legal acumen to these matters, which often trigger multiple areas of law. We have obtained winning verdicts and judgments that often involve state and federal constitutional issues, and have successfully maintained those verdicts and judgments on appeal. The matters we litigate on behalf of these clients, both at the trial and appellate level, include employment claims and civil rights claims arising under 42 USC § 1983 (First Amendment, Eighth Amendment), excessive force, and police liability. Our clients have included the State of Nevada, as well as counties, cities and constitutional officers within the state.

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      • Commercial Landlord-Tenant
        Our firm routinely represents commercial landlords in a variety of settings, from re-negotiating leases to resolving issues with a tenant. We bring years of experience to assist our clients with cases that can be highly fact-dependent and difficult, depending on the nature of the relationship between the parties. This area of the law can be fast-paced, and we understand the importance of moving quickly to protect our client’s interest if the situation requires it.

        Members who practice in Commercial Landlord-Tenant Litigation

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      • Creditor Collection, Repossession, Loan Defaults
        Part of our practice at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg includes defending the interest of banks and other financial institutions in state and federal court, including bankruptcy court. Our experienced attorneys handle creditor collection actions, repossessions and loan defaults on behalf of various financial institutions.

        Members who practice in Creditor Collection, Repossession, Loan Defaults

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      • Banking & Financial Institutions
        Part of our practice at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg includes defending the interest of banks and other financial institutions in state and federal court, including bankruptcy court. Our experienced attorneys handle creditor collection actions, repossessions and loan defaults on behalf of various financial institutions. Learn More
  • Business

    Employment, Nevada Land Development, NV Business Formation, NV Contracts, Healthcare.

      • Nevada Land Development
        In addition to our broad range of experience in litigating matters involving real estate disputes throughout the state, the attorneys at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg have extensive experience assisting our clients with transactional matters such as the purchase and sale of real property, leasing, commercial landlord/tenant law, easements, and financing. We have negotiated multi-million dollar purchase and sale agreements concerning residential subdivisions, drafted agreements to purchase property from small lots to ranches, and represented our clients before local municipalities. We pride ourselves on bringing the legal and business acumen necessary to facilitate each client’s unique goals.

        Members who practice in Nevada Land Development

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      • Nevada Contracts
        The attorneys in our firm are experienced in drafting a variety of contracts, whether you need a simple sales agreement or need assistance with a complex transaction involving millions of dollars. We have negotiated and drafted contracts for a variety of local and regional businesses and individuals in Northern Nevada to suit their unique needs, ranging from articles of incorporation, operating agreements, partnership agreements, to purchase and sale agreements, stock purchase agreements, non-compete agreements, and severance agreements. We can also review and negotiate the terms of a contract you are asked to sign, from purchase and sales agreements to employment contracts.

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      • Nevada Businesses
        Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg prides itself on its long history of representing businesses and professionals throughout the State of Nevada. From small, local businesses to large companies with many employees, our firm has a broad range of experience in assisting with matters from formation to compliance. Whether you are looking to start a sole proprietorship, an LLC, or a corporation, we can guide you through the corporate formalities and ensure you comply with the applicable law. We are experienced in drafting operating agreements, articles of incorporation, purchase and sale agreements, stock purchase agreements, non-compete agreements for employees, and a variety of other necessary documents to assist your business.

        Members who practice in Representing Nevada Businesses

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      • Commercial Leases
        Part of our diverse practice includes representing a variety of businesses in both renting and leasing property. Whether you are looking to renew an existing lease or enter into a new agreement, our attorneys bring their litigation experience to the transactional side to assist in negotiating and drafting a commercial lease agreement that meets your business needs.

        Members who practice in Commercial Leases

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      • Employment Law
        For many years, our employment lawyers at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg have successfully represented employers and employees in a variety of employment-related areas. Specifically, our attorneys prepare and provide guidance to employers regarding human resources, employee handbooks and policies, proper record keeping, sexual harassment and discrimination prevention, privacy issues, and, counseling clients in connection with discipline and employee discharge issues. Our attorneys have also successfully helped employees negotiate the details and terms of severance agreements when faced with a loss of employment.

        Members who practice in Employment Law

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      • Estate Planning & Administration
        Our practice at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg is equipped to assist you with the important decisions involved in planning for your loved ones after you are gone. We have represented a variety of clients in the sensitive yet important task of preparing a comprehensive estate plan that will accomplish your goals, whether that is caring for a spouse or child or giving to a charitable organization of your choice. From wills to trusts to powers of attorney, our attorneys can assist you in your estate planning desires, as well as assist you with administering an estate.

        Members who practice in Estate Planning & Administration

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    • Health Care & Hospital Administration
      A successful part of our practice at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg involves assisting hospitals and healthcare providers with administrative and personnel issues in order to take steps to help avoid and defend against employment and malpractice claims. Because the attorneys at our firm have experience in defending hospitals and healthcare providers in the malpractice setting, we use our practical litigation experience to work with healthcare administrators and advise them on a variety of different administrative matters in the healthcare industry.

      Members who practice in Health Care & Hospital Administration

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  • Administrative

    All Professional Boards and Licensing, including: Medical, Dental, Nursing, Contractors, Engineers, State Bar of Nevada, and more.

      • Nevada Equal Rights Commission
        As part of our expansive employment practice, the attorneys at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg are well equipped to defend employers at all stages against complaints or discrimination charges filed with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission. We represent employers against a variety of discrimination claims employees may file based on race, national origin, color, creed/religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, and gender identity or expression.

        Members who practice in Nevada Equal Rights Commission

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      • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
        In addition to defending private and public employers before the Nevada Equal Rights Commission, our firm also represents employers before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. From the pre-hearing investigative phase through the hearing and appeal, our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the detailed process involved in defending your company against EEOC claims.

        Members who practice in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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    • Nevada State Contractors Board
      Attorneys at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg have experience assisting both contractors and homeowners before the Nevada State Contractors Board. From assisting homeowners in their complaints against unlicensed contractors to helping local contractors navigate and maintain their licensing requirements, our firm has the ability to competently and efficiently handle your matter.

      Members who practice in Nevada State Contractors Board

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    • Nevada Real Estate Division
      The Nevada Real Estate Division covers a variety of topics, from real estate agents to appraisals to HOAs, common interest communities, and mandatory alternative dispute resolution. As part of our real-estate practice, our experienced attorneys at Lemons, Grundy & Eisenberg can assist you with a variety of matters governed by the Nevada Real Estate Division, from licensing to litigation.
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