LGE Attorney Testimony on Independent Medical Examinations Before Nevada Legislature

LGE associate attorney, Dane Littlefield, in his capacity as the current President of Northern Nevada’s Association of Defense Counsel, recently testified before the Nevada Assembly Judiciary Committee in opposition to A.B. 285. A.B. 285 is an assembly bill which would “[e]nact[ ] provisions relating to a mental or physical examination of certain persons in a civil action.” Mr. Littlefield opposed the bill as an inappropriate exercise of legislative power over the judiciary’s right to enact its own procedural rules, specifically NRCP 35, and based on provisions in the bill which would impermissibly skew the rights of parties in a civil action.

Video of Mr. Littlefield’s testimony as well as the arguments in support of A.B. 285 may be accessed via the Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (“NELIS”), accessible at https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/80th2019/